KUALA LUMPUR: Maxis Business has rolled out its first-ever nationwide UsahaWIRA roadshow with networking sessions to connect businesses and entrepreneurs.

In a statement, Maxis said the initiative, which is part of the UsahaWIRA programme launched in 2021, will enable SMEs to learn what it takes to digitalise successfully and be future-ready.

“We believe it’s important for businesses to understand that digitalisation doesn’t need to cost a lot, and that they can’t afford to be left behind in digitally.

"This is not just another programme, but a great opportunity for SMEs to be inspired by the journeys of their fellow entrepreneurs, and lessons learnt.

"At Maxis, we have helped more than 25,000 SMEs through the SME Digitalisation Grant and we hope to encourage more to come on board so that we can guide them at every step of the way,” said Maxis head of SME Segment Kevin Lee.


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He added that attendees can explore solutions on digital marketing, electronic point-of sale, remote working and more at the showcase by Maxis Business and its partners including AmBank, BSN, MDEC and the Malaysia Retail Chain Association.

"Maxis is also showcasing stories of SMEs from various industries, across F&B, retail, and agriculture, that are already reaping the benefits by leveraging the SME Digitalisation Grant.

"Businesses that are part of the UsahaWIRA community will enjoy exclusive access to workshops, events, and guides to grow their business.

"They also have the opportunity to network with and learn from each other," said Lee.

To learn more about the Maxis Business UsahaWIRA programme, visit

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