KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia Bhd will launch the voluntary carbon market (VCM) exchange later this year, which will enable companies to purchase voluntary carbon credits from climate-friendly projects and solutions.

In a statement, the stock exchange operator said voluntary carbon markets will an important role in supporting financing for projects and solutions that reduce, remove or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

It said participation in the voluntary carbon market will allow companies to offset their carbon emission footprint and meet their voluntary climate goals.

Through Bursa Malaysia’s VCM exchange, both buyers and suppliers will be able to transact high-quality carbon credits at transparent prices.

"Bursa Malaysia intends to offer standardised carbon credit products for trading via a rules-based VCM exchange.

"There will be distinct product categories for carbon credits derived from nature-based solutions and technologies that reduce or remove carbon emissions," said Bursa Malaysia.

It added that the VCM exchange will aggregate carbon credits that share similar traits and fundamentals, with vintages 2016 onwards.

Additionally, the Exchange will also label products to differentiate between carbon credits sourced in Malaysia and globally.




According to Bursa Malaysia, a supply of carbon credits is to be sold by way of auction to interested buyers by year-end.

The clearing price from the auction will establish a baseline demand for carbon credits in Malaysia, which will provide a reference point for secondary trading for market participants.

To achieve a lower carbon footprint over time, corporates can use these carbon credit products to voluntarily offset their existing climate impact alongside other internal carbon reduction initiatives.

On ensuring the high integrity of the carbon credits on the VCM exchange, Bursa Malaysia said it woul dadopt the verified carbon standard, known as Verra, which is a widely recognised standard in the voluntary carbon market.

Bursa Malaysia CEO Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift commented that stakeholder engagement is key in facilitating greater understanding among industry players to enable their participation in the VCM Exchange, and in order to meet ESG requirements required by parties such as lending institutions.

"With better understanding of carbon credit origination and listing processes, stakeholders will be able to develop capacities to be part of the carbon-credit supply chain.

"We believe that the VCM exchange can serve as an important lever in realising Malaysia’s net zero GHG emissions aspiration, as well as supporting the private sector’s voluntary climate commitments and decarbonisation journey," he added.

Bursa Malaysia is invited interested project developers and project proponents to submit their interest to supply carbon credits for the auction as well as for the VCM exchange in the medium and long term.

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